All programs include educational visits of several days to Madrid, and/or other important cities in Spain.




The defining characteristic of our programs is that they are custom-designed, thus offering a high degree of flexibility unique in academic study abroad programs. We recognize that times have changed, and the nature of study abroad programs has changed significantly from the traditional programs of some years ago. In order to meet the needs of a wide variety of students, teachers, and professors, we offer options in Spanish, English and bilingual program formats. Dates, duration, and intensity of programs areflexible and tailored to the needs of each group. We have outstanding faculty from different Spanish universities, who are accustomed to interacting with foreign students. Guest lecturers are prominent persons in their respective fields.We provide tutors for some extracurricular activities and informal conversation in daily settings. We believe that participants usually feel more confident and have a higher degree of social interaction with members of the host country culture in smaller town settings. Therefore, we have chosen three very different small/medium-sized towns, each with a special charm. Participants will visit larger cities as part of their educational travel, but will be based in smaller towns.



IC is a private educational enterprise that collaborates with Spanish and American universities, foundations, and municipal and regional institutions to create unique educational and cultural programs in Spain for American college students, teachers, and lifetime learners. Our main focus is on Spanish Culture and/or Spanish Language. Participants may elect to do programs for credit or no credit in Spanish in English, or with a bilingual format. Program areas include History, Art, Literature, Music, Politics, Economics, Sociology Religion,and Popular Culture. Spanish Language courses based on the Whole Language Content-Based Method are offered for all levels.Educational Travel in Spain is part of all programs.

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We are aware that, increasingly, colleges and universities encourage faculty members to take part in leading study abroad programs. This provides a solid anchor from the home institution with respect to specific organizational cultures, offers the possibility of students being accompanied during overseas travel, and facilitates evaluations, convalidations, grading and awarding of credits. We collaborate with faculty group leaders on all aspects of program planning and execution ( Program Design, Curriculum, Orientation, Supervision, Educational Travel, Extracurricular Cultural Activities, Room and Board, Academic Arrangements, University Collaborations, Classrooms, Additional Professors, Course Evaluations, Convalidations, Credit Transfer, Student Health Issues, Airport Transfers), and custom-design programs to meet specific needs.

Sample Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Sample Interdisciplinary Programs

Spain and the Américas:Exploration Conquests and Colonialism
The Hispanic World Today
Teaching Spanish and Hispanic Culture (For Teachers of College, High School, Middle or Elementary School Levels)
Spain's Christian, Islamic and Jewish Heritages (offered jointly or as three separate programs)
Studio Arts - Painting – Drawing – Illustration - Graphic Design - Comics
Art History – Architecture - Art Museums in Spain
Popular Culture in Spain
Contemporary Spain
Contemporary Spain and the European Union
Modern and/or Contemporary Spanish Literature
Modern and/or Contemporary Latin American Literature
Spain and Mediterranean Culture
Foreign Writers in Spain
Selected Topics


Special Programs Offered in English for Students from the Middle East

  • Special Programs Offered in English for Students from the Middle East

"Arab Legacies in Andalucía"

"Creative Writing, Studio Arts or Graphic Arts"

We offer some programs designed specifically for residents of certain geographical areas or who have certain language needs. An example is our program for students from the Middle East who are interested in the Arab Legacies to be found in Andalucía. This program is offered in English in accordance with requirements at many universities in the Middle East. Courses in Creative Writing, Studio Arts, and Graphic Arts are also available in this program.


  • Sister City Progams

Intercultural Connections organizes cultural and educational programs that promote person-to-person contact between Spaniards and Americans. Within this framework, groups of interested citizens cross the Atlantic to discover each others' cultures and to learn more about the historical ties between our two nations.

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  • Intercultural Activities, Events and Trips for Mixed Groups of Spaniards and Non-Spaniards

In collaboration with specific organizations, foundations and institutions, Intercultural Connections organizes and coordinates educational and cultural conferences, talks, events exhibits, continuing education and educational travel for adults, especially in the areas of History, Language, Literature, Art, Music, Spanish Popular Culture, Fairs and Festivals. Contact us for more information on organizing specific events in Spain.

Many Spaniards as well as foreign residents in Spain welcome opportunities for mixed activities with an intercultural component and a bilingual/bicultural ambiance that offer possibilities for new friendships, varied perspectives and an inclusive approach. We periodically schedule educational and cultural events, activities, or trips that meet these needs, usually focused around a specific theme.

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Special Educational Vacation Programs Arranged for Families

  • Special  Educational Vacation Programs Arranged for Families

Increasingly, parents are interested in sharing new and exciting experiences travelling with their young or adolescent children, parents with married children enjoy travelling together, or trips abroad are planned for several generations together.In many cases they would like to have more authentic experiences that include interaction with representatives of the host country that are more meaningful than a simple tour to see the sights.These family groups have special idiosyncrasies and needs that differ from other types of groups. In the last years, we have worked closely with families to prepare experiences that satisfy all members of the family. For this we need to have a significant amount of previous communication in order to best serve family needs.

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Program Sites

Comillas (Cantabria)

  • Comillas (Cantabria)

Comillas (Cantabria) is located on the northern coast of Spain just west of Santander.
It is a small, beautiful and significant town in the history of Spain.The spectacular views and cooler climate made it a vacation favorite for the Spanish royal family, members of the court and aristocartic families, which is reflected in the homes and palaces that still remain. The town reflects the work of some of the most important figures in Spanish Modernist Art, including Gaudí

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Marbella, (Andalucía)

  • Marbella, (AndalucĂ­a)

Marbella, (Andalucía) on the Mediterranean coast south of Málaga is known world wide for its benign climate and high-end international tourism.
It is a medium-sized town, that, despite a high incidence of visitors still retains much of its small-town Spanish and Andalusian flavor.